I specialize in (and love) helping you create a social identity that is true to you, your brand, and your business(es). Having a social presence should be exciting, inspiring, and real---not frustrating.

Social Media

The stage is my second home. I love teaching, storytelling, and sharing my expertise in front of any size audience, online or in-person!


As a member of the Squarespace Circle, I am technically a Squarespace expert. I love their platform for a thousand reasons, and it works super well for a lot of different businesses, verticals, and other fancy words. 


Ah, my first love. My favorite activity is documenting life candidly, naturally, and beautifully! I've done portraits, editorial, new baby, engagement, graduation, event, stock, and product shots! Need updated website images? A picture of yourself that isn't a decade old? A series of witty videos for your Instagram? I'm your girl.

Photography + Video

Images are divine, but I am firm believer in the power of language to create deep, lasting connections. I have written for and edited landing pages, full websites, social captions, contests, product launches, devotionals, eCourses, eBooks, group studies, full-length books, and SO MUCH MORE. 


Two words: IDEA. MACHINE. Working with over a hundred clients through the process of moving their businesses from offline to online, I have learned how to create strategy and momentum through each stage of the transition. I can help you plan, teach you how to execute, and keep you accountable.


My Clients

I have enjoyed working with local businesses from the Pacific Northwest to the Midwest, as well as clients all over the world in a ton of different industries at nearly all levels: barely-formed ideas to start-ups to small businesses to consulting with boards of C-Suite execs. What a ride!

Here are a few I've enjoyed working with.