I really love it when families grow.

Honestly, it makes me cry in those weird, embarrassing ways. I've been watching Gilmore Girls (who hasn't been?) and my eyeballs get all teary way more often than all the other times I've watched through the series. I think its because my heart gets more tender with the years and I just want to see good families full of people that love, support, and fight to keep each other. FEELS SO GOOD.

My friends Ashlee, Chris, and Sailor Churm are recipients of the most blessed of blessings: a new bb child is headed their way (pun intended) next spring. The perfect time for new bbs, duh!

Here are some pictures I got to take of them.

Dear friends, I am so excited for you! You all ready for a baby just as cute and MAYBE EVEN CUTER than the little goobie-moob in these photos? I DON'T KNOW IF I CAN TAKE IT.


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