A Post About Food

Ever go back and look through your own Instagram posts? Maybe just to reconnect with yourself, maybe to see if you hair looked better long, maybe to remember all the hot guys who thought you were hot, too. Tonight, I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, and ended up on a post from a year or so ago, a photo I took of my friend enjoying her breakfast. I noticed the caption was EXTRA LONG (mine are usually lengthy, but this one incited a “dayum”.)

And I’d written something there that I don’t remember writing at all. Not one bit. And here I am tooting my own, forgotten horn to say that I loved it. So, here I am blogging it! An IG post is already a micro-blog, but something about putting here it elevates it out of the busy gallery I’ve got going on. Here she blows.

When you take out each piece of life from the pot of soup, or stew, or gumbo, whatever you prefer,

When you lean in close over the steam,

Your mind like a slotted spoon,

Examine every article

Every bean and spice

You start to realize how easy it is to ignore how in control you are of so many of these


You determine the flavor

Over time

And I wonder aloud to you and me and everyone we know:

do you really want to take up all this space in your pot worrying about your pimples or ugly knees, or how to make that guy finally notice you, or having a job you don’t like to pay for car payments for a car that keeps breaking anyway, or letting that person walk all over you, or saying “someday” while the last 6000 somedays have already passed you by?


Gotta live my life!

Time is wasted!

It’s too late!

No, slow down, hold the cordless phone.

Let me say

That you should not smite yourself for adding a little bit of what seems mundane to your soup

A slow day, a sick day, a week where you missed a road trip, the season after a break-up, the internship you didn’t mean to do for a year and a half but oh well it happened.

This is seasoning you, still.

This is salt.

Maybe you’re like “salt is boring, when will my saffron rescue me?”

Salt ain’t boring, baby.

Salt, the mundane, is what brings everything else together

The bright spots get


Because it’s never been just about doing all you can do

But becoming someone

A salty someone (not like that)

A balanced flavor of you want, or something bold and daring! S P I C Y! 

Full of the colors that delight you

Describe you

So that you can partake in your own

Tasty, wonderful, memories,

That you have worked hard to bring together

Labored, stirred, simmered, sipped,

You can drink up the life you lived and smile knowing it was all true.

That’s the key.

Make it true.

That way, no matter what, you’ll always want a full bowl.

Brooklyn WagnerComment