Favorite YouTubers, Round 1.

I have loved YouTube since the first time I laid eyes on it back in late 2005! TWELVE. YEARS. AGO.

I saw people just like me sitting in their bedrooms, their backyards, their grandparents garages---making something out of nothing. They made me laugh! They shared with the world the stories that they'd told no one else until that moment. They were silly and strange and told me that I am free to be the same. 

And since then, its been the reason that so many doors have opened up to me, authors have become long-time friends, I've learned so much about who I am, what I want, and am constantly reminded that there are people out there doing what they LOVE.

YouTubers are a special breed, and while not all of them are making this world *better* per se, I think so many of them are worth celebrating. I feel a kinship to many of them; I feel a deep loyalty. Call me a loon, but genuinely care for these humans, truly! I've grown up with them, watched them blossom, supported their own transformations as we all try to be the best, brightest version of ourselves in this one glorious life we've been given.

Here are some current/long-time favorite YouTubers that I think you should be keeping your eyes on (that is if you're not already obsessed with them like me.) If you don't already use YouTube, I encourage you to do so! Let the vloggers and gurus and creators and comedians delight you, challenge you, and inspire you! Let your sub boxes rejoice! 

(Hint: click their names to go straight to their channels!)


Is this a surprise? Hello? He's like my YouTube President. I often look to him for a no-bullshit response to the best and worst things in this world. Casey might be pretty rough around the edges sometimes, but I've seen him become wiser and warmer, all the while remaining someone who takes REAL action. He's a genius in his craft and truly wants this world to be better. He's also a major advocate for YouTube creators, which is why he has my vote.


Estee Lalonde.


Estee is a quirky, lovely ray of Canadian sunshine. In the past year or so, she's taken a really cool turn toward more diverse content on YouTube, launching a book, a podcast, and I eat every single bit of it right up. While she's eating a lot of pickled onions. She does everything on purpose! I honestly just want her to be my life/style/business coach 24/7 very much pls thanks, Estee. 

Her dog reggie and dude man Aslan make the whole family something worth watching.

I liked her so much, I bought her book


Dodie Clark.


Her voice? Her eyes? Her whole self? I just love Dodie, I think she's the most soothing magical creature, and I will FIGHT-WITH-WORDS anyone who wants to tell me to believe otherwise.

I found her a few years ago when watching a YT Q&A when someone answered the question "who's an underrated YouTuber you love?" He said Dodie, and boyyyy was he right. When SHE cried about La La Land, I was already through half a box of tissues.

She sings, she laughs, she shares the hard stuff. She is warm, walking humility and joy. #dodieyellow


Haley Blais.


She's a strange musical creature and I NEED her for that.

She's not really like anyone else I watch on YouTube at all. She's this ever-shifting kaleidoscope of talent and weirdness and honesty. She reminds of a childhood best friend, a grainy movie from the 90s, a freshly opened 7-up, a bike ride with your cousins to the ice cream parlor, a Doug/Hey, Arnold! marathon, a backyard Joan Jett concert, nylon magazine vol. 1, a soft ripped t-shirt.

That's the only way to describe Haley.


Tessa Violet. 


I've been watching Tessa since she was a brand new baby Meekakitty, since she was a model in Japan making a video every day about her journey, since she moved home and featured her mom in vlogs and talked about The VlogBrothers a lot! I've seen all 1,267 different hair colors she's had. I've watched her move all over this planet (and have some of the dopest roommates of all time.) I've seen her share her faith, her personhood, and her struggles.

I feel like Tessa is family & someday we'll have a pot roast and then watch Hoarders and it'll be just as it should be. #woof


Lucy Moon.


I found Lucy through Estee's channel and I'm v glad I did! I love thinking through life with Lucy. Listening to her process her thoughts and philosophies on life challenges me to live wayyy more on purpose. Can't you see it in those brows? They're no-bullshit-brows. She's not telling everyone that the world revolves around them, and tbh we all need to hear that as OFTEN as possible.

She's got a great taste in music, books, and I feel like she could take me on the BEST tour of England. 




Never would I have EVER imagined that I would stumble upon a YouTuber who was the perfect combination of introvert + beauty guru + Wes Anderson emulator. If you're into that green + clean beauty and MAJORMAJOR Los Angeles vibes, you love a good look book, you want some dope reviews from someone who doesn't want to make you listen to them talk for 45 minutes, then watch this human!

Bonus, her freckles and music choices are like the sprinkles on the vegan cupcake.


Olan Rogers


You cannot imagine the restraint it required for me to not put this man on this list 17 times. Or maybe like, one post for each video he's ever done ever. I have been watching this dude since the BalloonShop days and I used to be angry at him for existing because I knew I'd compare all my suitors to him. He's one of my favorite storytellers of all time!! 

He's done one of the best YouTube tours of ALL TIME, Eat A Slice With Me, he started Soda Parlor Nashville, his own friggin' show Final Space for TBS (coming early 2018), he's successfully run Olan Rogers Supply, he's upgrading that to the brand Star Cadet, and he ELOPED! WHAT. A. LIFE. Olan, I love you, and I celebrate you. 


Zoella & AlfiE


These two lovebirds are the warmest, kindest, most buttery British biscuits I ever did see. They've both been YouTubers since basically the first generation of viral/global YouTuber-as-a-full-time-job and you can tell they've stopped "trying too hard" a LONG time ago.

I consistently learn so much about how to love my friends in big, special ways from them. I've been reminded of how important and intimate it is to have family and close-knit circle of people you trust. Plus, I love sitting down with a cuppa and watching their long, detailed, regular-day-in-the-life vlogs. They just don't get old. #BrightonIsDope


Rusty Clanton


Okay, TALK ABOUT UNDER-RATED, MY FRIEND. Rusty, holy hallelujah for your vocal chords! I love listening to this man harmonize with himself. He's no fluff, no "all sizzle and no steak" business here. He's the milk and honey, the meat and the bones, the flesh and blood. He's got music born into him like a birth mark.

I LOVE supporting someone like Rusty for his efforts to be completely himself, to sing and cover and create out of such a deeply honest, sometimes heartbreaking, always inviting place.

That's that for now, my friends! Let me know about other YouTube channels and creators you've been loving, whether they're new or old to you! I'm into exploring the vast space of YouTube and am convinced there is so much goodness there to discover. 

Love. xx

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