Favorite Wellness & Beauty Products: October 2017

First, let me explain.

"Holy poop, did Brooklyn just blog about beauty like a real beauty blogger?!"

I spend a lot of time, energy, and money taking care of my body and my soul, and I am NOT ashamed to say so! Well, sometimes I am when I've got a little out of bounds on the whole budget thing. But for the most part, I find so much joy from trying new things in order to find the best things. My body is changing all the time (hello, almost 29-year-old self) so why wouldn't my tactics to take care of it? My skin shifts always because I'm a woman; sometimes my hair is falling out, sometimes I have TOO MUCH. I am always learning new ways to be even better at taking care of myself, and while I don't obsess over the trends, I don't *exactly* want to be like my grandmother and just use a bar of soap for everything. The variety matches my own desire to interact with the complexities of the world. "How can this be better?" We've always challenged ourselves as humanity, so why not challenge my own eyebrow game, ey?

So, am I a beauty blogger? We'll see. I have been wearing eyeliner since I was 11, so maybe I'm stepping into my destiny here. 

If you want to snoop on these products, just click on their names - I've got some good links for you!

My current go-tos!

Keihl's Ultra Facial Cream!


Honestly, it's 4.2 oz of perfection. I won't be longwinded about it! This moisturizer rules. Worried about the price? I've been using this jar twice a day for over a year and I've still got plenty left!


Once I've dabbed a little of my Keihl's moisturizer on my face, I drop two little drops of this serum onto my fingertips and blend it together applying it all at once! It smells good if you like the smell of lavender (I don't always, actually), but I like how its helped tighten my pores and therefore let less crap get in! 


A few weeks ago, I was complaining about how after ALL THESE YEARS of removing make-up, I haven't found anything I'm super stoked about. The closest to wonderful I ever got was the 100 pack of make-up remover wipes from MAC----- UNTIL THIS STUFF. I saw that my girl Estee Lalonde mentioned this in a video, and my eyeballs finally encountered last weekend. I bought it. I LOVE IT. It melts your makeup and easily washes off with water. WHAT.


I walked into Aesop on NW 23rd in Portland, and after washing my hands with various good smells, I made some light fun of this toothpaste. The employee dude was like "have you tasted it?" I tasted it, I loved it, I bought it. Boom, roasted.


I don't need this stuff ALL the time, but on occasion, my skin is a little more break-out prone, and this stuff works every single time without over-drying or doing anything else it shouldn't. My favorite of the Glossier serums is actually Super Bounce (but I ran out a bit ago and chucked the bottle, smh) because up here in Central Oregon, I'm a dry little turd!


Glossier Boy Brow


THIS WINS ALL THE AWARDS. I use it in brown and its a 10/10. 


I love to glow and sparkle and shine. Bless it! This luminizer smells good, is made of good stuff, and looks WOW. They're currently sold out of this particular color, but it looks like Ghost Light and Phosphene would be pretty dope alternatives. 


THE GLOW OF ALL GLOWS. I love it when my blonde shimmers in the sun like its spun from real gold. The bonus is that it's also a repairing treatment, which keeps my hairs from breaking and frizzing out like bleached hair likes to do. It smells a little like men's cologne right when you spritz it on, too. #yesplease


I was using my FAVORITE FOUNDATION EVER when I got a Birchbox in the mail that gave me a sample of this stuff! I used it when I traveled to California a few months ago, and I was surprised that I didn't hate it! In fact, I was surprised that I *loved* it. I usually loathe me a bb cream. Not this one, no sir! I use it in Light-Medium. 


I got this in "Free It Grapefruit" and I'm super into it. Color + moisture + a little plumping action? Gimme.


Surprise! Something to help the insides so that they make your outsides healthy, too! These are some really cool additions to my daily supplement intake. Your body needs you to give a shit!


Take a little quiz, and they'll take 'care of' the rest. The little packets come in this handy dispenser box and the packets are personalized and adorable. I'm currently taking: another probiotic and prebiotic blend, vitamin D, Ashwaganda, Rhodiola, and Astaxanthin! 


"HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT?" Well, since I moved and can no longer have a bubble bath every single night, it now either The Adventure Zone podcast re-runs, or this tea! It tastes SO GOOD and helps me get calm and soothed and sleepy in a healthy, non-Ambien way. 


That's all for now! I have few other blog ideas up my sleeves that fit into this general category, like my favorite face and body masks, and all the dang face washes I use (which is about 10 or so on a daily rotation!) Or maybe my favorite green/clean brands? Makeup that didn't live up to the hype? If you have any things you want me to test/try/review, got questions, or want me to see your favorite beauty or wellness brand, comment here or find me on IG!

Bless you for reading this! I promise my content will, at the very least, remain diverse, colorful, and honest. 

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