I was speaking at an event in January for Live Salted and while we were taking some Q&A from the audience, a girl (Gretchen, heyyy!) shouted that question up at me. So, I do have a youtube channel, but at this moment I realized I had something else to tell everyone. 

I have a show. And at the time, I didn't even know exactly what kind of show it would be, but I knew it would be really *me* and that I was already proud enough about it. So, I dropped a little clue about "a show coming out soon" because I wasn't really allowed to share a ton about it. Legal things? Contracts. I have no idea.

Back in mid-December, I was given the chance to audition for an online show for the digital platform called Lightworkers, a division of MGM Television and Digital. I spent the entire holiday season waiting, trying not to think about it, realizing that I definitely was NOT going to be chosen because I'd been told some of the other talented humans they were going after and I realized that I might not fit the bill. My entertainment resume:

1. Acted in high school, in one real play, mostly made people laugh in drama class, made fool of myself as often as possible.

2. Youtube vlogger between high school and college.

3. MC-ed a wedding once.

4. The "Duece-Duece-Riot" rap for which I was slightly famous for about 3 months. 

5. Lip Sync Battle hostess.

So, when I got a FaceTime call in January from Dale and Veronica (they were tagged in the email and saw it first) that I. WAS. CHOSEN. MULTIPLE CLAPPING HANDS EMOJI. I was shook to my uttermost. I immediately called my friend Courtney and screamed on the phone for a little while. Suddenly I'm getting emails about contracts and producers and signing and "getting on a call with John" and being invited to visit The Voice and pretty much losing my ever-lovin' mind. 

In March, over the span of a few weeks, I filmed 20 episodes of Welcome to Brooklyn (I didn't name it, but I'd say that's a fair assessment of the content!) In fact, I filmed 10 of them in one day! That was... nuts. I had outfit changes and nearly cried because I couldn't think of 10 ways to do my hair. (Then I remembered beanies and everything was okay.)

Since then, I've been able to visit my glorious people at Lightworkers, see how they make their magic, take over their IG stories when a new video is released, and learn the ropes of having real deadlines and making real money for...being funny. 

Holy crap. Can I just tell you how much I needed that? To even remotely be able to believe I could ever make a living by being funny and honest? I used to tell people that if Jesus and Tina Fey walked into a room and asked me to follow them, I would have a hard time making a choice. "Yikes, Brooklyn, thats pretty blashphemo-" YEAH I KNOW OKAY CAROL WOW I KNOW.

Why didn't I ever realized I could be both? I could love Jesus and farts. I am able to make you spit take and then still be in union with God. Not a dang part of me was aware of that (*cue my many years of pursuing a very serious career as a missions pastor because I thought that was the Better Path.*) I thought humor was the ever-growing grand canyon between me and sanctification. Well, wake up, loser, we're learning truth over here! 

(Self-depricating humor doesn't mean I don't love myself! I think I am wonderful.)

So, where are we now? is officially live and I'm still in shock. Sometimes, I am reminded of how huge of a gift this opportunity is and I sit on my fluffy pink rug in my room and CRY my eyeballs out (the same way I do when Shadow gets injured and stuck in the mud pit, or when Daddy Warbucks sings "I don't need anything but you!" to Annie.)

Click on that bold, square button below and go check out the show I, truthfully, crafted with all my might. I know I will only get better from here because this is the beginning. I am going to Betty White myself. I am going to make Tina Fey proud. I am going to give Meryl Streep something to write a speech about. I am going to have a spread in Vogue that some 14 year old, oddly shaped girls are going to look at and say "WEIRD. IS. IN." I am going to figure out new, creative ways to serve you all with every fiber of my being by bringing you joy and laughter until my very last breath. 

PS: More is coming, November 2017. Get ready, Gretchen (and everyone else). #youtuberforlife

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